What does Plato’s cave look like?

Here is tattoo artist J. Wood’s illustration.  Does this match your vision?  We will return to Plato’s cave allegory today.  How did you understand the cave the first day of class?  What about when you read the allegory within the Republic as a whole?  And how about now?  Do you agree with Plato’s illustration of […]

Next Tuesday: Revision Workshop & Saturnalia

For next Tuesday 12/5, please bring 3 copies of a complete draft of your essay for review in a revision workshop.   After hearing from Soncy and working on essay revisions, we will revisit Plato’s allegory of the cave and reflect, together, on our work this semester.   At 4:15 that afternoon, the Pomona Classics […]


A few changes to the presentation schedule have been requested and accommodated.  Please see below for the revised schedule.  See you all tomorrow! 11/21 11/28 1:30 pm    Alice 1:30  Emma 1:50 pm  Remy 1:50  Sophia 2:10 pm  Russell 2:10   Soncy  2:30 pm  BREAK 2:30  BREAK 2:50 pm  Alec 2:50  Chris 3:10 pm  Zach […]

REMINDERS! Individual Conferences & Workshop Facilitation

Please remember to check the schedule for your conference time this week and come to my office (Pearsons 001) at your appointed time.  Please bring  at least one clear question that you plan to answer in your own pedagogical philosophy. Beginning next week, you will be preparing and facilitating our workshops on Friere (Working Group One) and then […]


Monday 10/23 9 am 12 pm   Remy 12:20 pm 12:40 pm 1:00 pm 1:20 pm 1:40 pm Tuesday 10/24 12 pm   Soncy 12:20 pm 12:40 pm  Alec Wednesday 10/25 8:20 am   Kawai 8:40 am  Sophia 9 am  Alice Thursday 10/26 8:20 am  Daniel 8:40 am  Emma 12 pm  Zach 12:20 pm  Chris   This […]